not illegal immigrant!!!

Three days ago, I have planned to go home. I have bought a ticket of Sarangan Express. On ticket written that  the train would arrive at 08.00 am so i went to station at 07.00 am. When I had arrived i came into tickets checker ( I don’t know what his name :p ).

I’m sorry miss, Sarangan Express doesn’t operate today.

What? So  what do i have to do? Why do you sell the ticket if the train doesn’t operate.

Sorry miss, it out of our expectation. Please come with our security to  announcement room.

Announcement room? Why?

Please come with me, you’ll know

Then I came to announcement room with the security. My ticket and my Identity were brought by him. OMG , all of people at station was looked at me. May be they thought i was an illegal immigrant. 

Please don’t think like that. I already have a problem with my ticket.

When I had arrived at announcement room, someone there told me that  Sarangan Express doesn’t operate so he gave me free ticket of Sancaka Express to change my ticket. Once more, I am not an illegal immigrant :p


4 thoughts on “not illegal immigrant!!!

  1. i don’t know if i have yo correct this or not bcs I am not an expert in grammar haha. But i can understand what you’re telling and i think that’s the most important thing (ya karena aku sendiri nggak pernah peduli grammar kayak’e xD)

  2. cie pake bahasa inggris 😀
    he think you’re illegal immigrant because of your face or your accent language 😀
    may be you’re not from Indonesia but from puetro rico (i don’t know that place :3)

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