shame day -_-

what the hayyyyyyyyy -_______-

Today was a shame day. Yeah, as a treasurer enrollment new students of tebuireng boarding school, i got a duty to share the salary to all examiner of alquran. There were 4 ustadz, so i entrust to the other ustadz who know them. Three of them have finished, left one ustadz. Oh my God,,, i decided to call him. I though his age was same as my age so I called him ” Cak”. After I got his number I called him.

Hello Cak, where are you? would you like to come to my office to take your salary.

Oh yes Mom, i am meeting now, i will come to your office later, InshaAllah at 02.00 pm

Ok Cak, I am waiting.

At 01.00 pm there was message…

may i come to your office now Mom?

I decided to call him [again] -____-

Hello Cak, i am waiting you, i am still at my office

When he arrived at my office, i looked at him, Oh my God, his older than me, more older, he was married, Oh my God, I was shy. I called him ‘Cak’. Huhuhuuhuh, i was so sorry Mr.

Then , I explained to him how much the salary was. Fortunately, he left my office directly. I felt unpleasant so i sent text to him and I apologized to him.

I am so sorry Mr. It will be worth experience for me.


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