ordered a small wooden cupboard and overslept

Yesterday i ordered a small wooden cupboard from my partner at the office. I ordered at evening before i was going home. After magrib i asked to him, ” Mr Habib, when do you deliver my order?”. ” After Isya miss Yuni, I have a guess now”. “Ok, dont take too long, i’m very sleepy”. ” OK miss”.

When i was waiting for him, i slept. Usually, at the same time, i help miss Anis to teach some students at Anisa Education Center (AEC) . But yesterday, the students who taught by me was absent so i didn’t go there.

At 09.00 pm i woke up. Oh my God, I had overslept, I looked at my phone, there were some messages and miss call. I opened one of messages,

miss Yuni, where are you? i have come, i brought your cupboard, hey answer my call i am standing in front of your house alone, i am like a thief . Please answer my call

the next message

miss Yuni, i met your neighbor, he said ” smash the door Mr!!!”. Oh my God, like i am really a thief. Ok i put your cupboard beside your house. i am leave.

There is little space between my house and my neighbor’s house and Mr Habib put my cupboard there. Finally i decided to removed my cupboard by myself. I though it was easy but i couldn’t removed it perfectly. I removed it little by little. When i would to took a rest for a while, i didn’t realize that i flew the lower of the cupboard on my left big toe. I thought it was a little bruise. After i had removed my cupboard into my house i looked at my thumb and it wasn’t not a little bruise, my skin ripped. Then I gave antiseptic on my thumb.

I remembered, i haven’t paid Mr Habib for this cupboard. Oh my God, it wasΒ shameful. Then I sent text to Mr Habib, I said sorry and i would paid the cupboard and his fee tomorrow InshaAllah.

Yeah, yesterday was terrible day, but I am be grateful, i have a new cupboard πŸ™‚


*Note : i have beenΒ learning English language, i am very need your ( the reader) correction :). Thank you


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