giveaway kriyalea batik bags

giveaway kriyalea

Celebrating 1st Anniversary of “KriyaLea Batik Bags”..

We are giving away bag, wallet and clutch to 3 lucky fans for FREE.
All you need to do is complete the easy steps below to participate:

1. Make sure you have liked us on this Facebook Page
2. Like and Share this Photo, and give comment here that you want to participate
3. Like and Share the photo of your most favorite product of KriyaLea, and mention it in here
4. You can also follow KriyaLea Blog ( and twitter @kriyalea.

Point No. 4 is optional but you will get a credit if you do it.

This giveaway is opened internationally from today (April 1) ’till April 30 and only people that have completed all steps can participate.
Winners will be announced at this Page, our Website and our Blog, at the beginning of May.

Good Luck!


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